Can 8 minute Abs Really Work?

Published: 28th April 2011
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You may be wondering if the 8 minute abs workout actually works. It can be next to impossible to have enough time to work out in today's busy society. This is why people are so attracted to the thought of getting six-pack abs in a matter of 8 minutes a day. Can it really work?

You may be under the impression that your lower abs and upper abs are actually two separate muscles. However, this is not the case. Even though you utilize different areas of your abdominal muscles when you are doing different exercises, in all actuality it is only one muscle. Your internal and external oblique muscles and the rectus and transverse abdominus are all connected. When exercising, you should focus on each area specifically in order to get that six-pack look that everyone wants.

The rectus abdominus is the most prominent area of your abdominal muscle. It goes down the middle of your stomach, starting right below your ribs and going down to your pubic bone. This is what makes the horizontal and vertical lines in a set of six-pack abs. To effectively work this muscle, all you need to do is a basic crunch. You just lay flat on your back, keep your feet planted firmly on the floor and lift the upper portion of your body. There are people that can do 100s of these in a day.

The transverse abdominus is the section of your abs that horizontally wraps around your waste. It almost works like a belt, and looks like it is pulling your waste in and making it littler. You can target this area with the plank exercise. Lay face down and horizontally. Lift up onto your toes and forearms. Keep your body in line with the floor and hold this position. Hold your core tightly for a minimum of 20 seconds. As your body becomes stronger, you can begin to repeat this exercise and extend the holding period.

Internal and external oblique muscles help each other when you are doing traditional sit ups and crunches. These muscles are works most effectively when you add a twisting motion at the top, since they are located down the sides of your body. Alternate the left and right sides with every repetition that you do. As a beginner, do 3 sets of 12 reps, and then add more as you become stronger.

Your spine has the ability to move in so many different directions. For this reason there are endless options when it comes to variations of these movements, which you can combine to add resistance to your ab muscles and make them stronger. All of the exercises listed will work after just a small number of reps. You can create a sufficient 8 minute abs workout, even if you just focus on one area of your abdominals at a time.

Keep in mind that even though 8 minutes a day may be enough time for working out your abs, it may not be enough to make your six pack show if it is hiding behind a layer of fat. A proper diet and cardio exercise is what will ultimately make you successful with 8 minute abs.


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