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Published: 20th March 2012
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There are times when individuals have puffy eyes and most of them are wondering on how to get rid of puffy eyes. Puffy eyes, otherwise known as periorbital edema, happen when there is swelling of the eyes. It caused by accumulation of fluids in the soft tissues around the eyes. In all areas of the face, the skin in the periorbital area has the thinnest skin amongst, so it must be given definite attention and care.

What are the factors that cause puffy eyes and are there ways on how to get rid of puffy eyes? There are some individuals wherein it is normal for them to have puffy eyes especially the older adults. However, there are many causes of puffy eyes and below are some factors contributing to puffy eyes.

Oversleeping. Fluid accumulation happens due to the gravitational redistribution of fluid.

Excessive salt in the diet. Salt can cause fluid accumulation. The principle behind this is that where sodium goes, water follows.

Allergies. The face may swell including the eyes because allergic reactions may cause leakage into the subcutaneous capillaries.

Crying. One component of tears is salt and salt can cause fluid accumulation in the soft tissues of the eyes.

Alcohol. It contains certain toxins which may lead to fluid retention resulting to the puffiness of the eyes.

Sleep deprivation. Individuals who have interrupted sleeping patterns may experience puffy eyes.

Periorbital cellulitis. It is defined as an infection in the soft tissues of the eyes causing the area to be inflamed and to swell.

Pregnancy. Women who are pregnant are prone to accumulate fluid especially in the subcutaneous tissues. Pregnant women can experience puffy eyes until delivery of the baby.

Hereditary. There are certain families wherein puffy eyes run in their genes. In this case, it cannot be stopped however there are ways wherein it can be reduced.

How to get rid of puffy eyes? There are remedies available in order to control and eliminate periorbital edema. Individuals should see what causes puffy eyes because in order to prevent puffy eyes, certain factors should be eliminated. Below is a list of natural remedies that can help reduce or eliminate the puffiness of the eyes.

Good healthy lifestyle can help individuals lessen the puffiness of the eyes. Individuals who are into excessive alcohol consumption may start to modify their behavior. They should limit their alcohol intake so that fluid retention will be prevented.

A cold compress can help alleviate periorbital swelling. Cold temperature can cause the blood vessels to constrict thus preventing the flow of fluids into the soft tissues around the eyes.

Sliced cucumbers can diminish the puffiness of the eyes. Just apply one slice of cucumber on each eye and let it stay for ten minutes.

Apply tea bag patch. Tea bags can help rejuvenate the eyes thus preventing it to swell more. Tea bags are moistened using a cold water so the cold temperature can cause blood constriction.

There is a need to limit the sodium intake. Since sodium is a major cause why water accumulates in some areas, individuals should start limiting their intake of any sodium products such as salt.

Avoid foods or any factors that can cause allergies.

Sleep with the head of the bed raised so that the fluids will not be retained because it will be pulled by the gravity.

Are the remedies on how to get rid of puffy eyes useful? The remedies are very useful in eliminating and reducing puffy eyes or periorbital swelling. However, the results depend upon the individual. If he/she really wants to get rid of his/her puffy eyes then behavior and lifestyle modification is a must.


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