Taylor Lautner 6-pack Ab Routine Exposed

Published: 03rd March 2011
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Everybody wants to know how this young man managed to pull of the body of the decade in so short a time. If you knew anything about his background you would not be quite as astonished. Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Lautner was a Karate champ by age nine. That right there should let you know that the kid has a good work ethic and great discipline, both of which are needed to get into shape. A lot of kids take martial arts classes but it is those that are a step above who push themselves into the ring to go for a championship.

Werewolf was not his first time being a crossbreed character. As a teen he became a cult favorite of the giggly set with his portrayal of Shark Boy in the movie Shark Boy and Lava Girl. Even then he had the makings of a true action star not to mention leading man good looks.

When the time came and his job was on the line, he only used the skills that was instilled into him during martial arts. Finding a top notch trainer he set out to prove to the director that he could be every bit the Jacob Black she was looking for. When he was in the hot seat he wasted no time in a little more than 9 months he went from scrawny and good looking to hunky and hot.

The fact is that his frame was genetically inclined to that mass. His youth and abundance of hormones was the right level for this transformation to happen so quickly.

Taylor Lautner is the pinup guy for lots of teenage girls and he has the cougars bearing their claws. Guys are all looking to mimic his 8-pack and getting their hands on his AB workout is what they are after. The real secret is that Taylor was already ripped to begin with. This meant that mostly all he needed was to bulk up what was already there.

Over the course of 9 month s he packed on 30 pounds of muscle, and boy what a difference it made. He started the workout a seventeen year old kid and now that he has made the transition from boyish good looks to manly handsome we can expect to see a lot more of him. Because of his age hormone supplements were not necessary. Working out came more easily to him than did having to eat every 2-3 hours.

He ate he lifted and he isolated those abs top and bottom. His workout was nothing special if you do not count the fact that he used tension bands to increase the effectiveness of the weights. The most important part of his bulking up was his diet. He had very little body fat to start with.

So there you have it folks diet is about 80% of a thins man's problem of gaining mass. It is also about what you eat. To gain muscle mass while lifting weight you need carbohydrates and proteins but you will also need some of the good healthy fats that can be found in Flaxseed oil and almond butter. This will keep the body from heading toward starvation mode.


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